My teacher is telling me that the pen she has is green. But it's not, she wants me to correct her and tell her that it's red.

That's a pretty big thing to require someone who is only 2.5 weeks old. 

After two false starts, I tell her that no, that pen is actually red. 

I'm doing my absolute best to be listening to Thai people, to strain to hear what they hear, and make the sounds that they make. I'm actually having an absolute blast doing this. I'm out constantly trying to find people to talk to, to ask them how they are, what are they selling, what is their name...it's fun! 

I'm making mistakes, (one day I completely forgot to pay for my lunch until like an hour later) I'm getting laughed at, but it's all a learning experience. The nationals really appreciate that I'm trying to get to know their culture and language.

While spiritual conversations are a long way off, that does nothing to hinder or progress the Holy Spirit. 

God's got His perfect timing, and right now, if I can't even tell these people about the God that made them and loves them, then I can absolutely be praying for someone who can.