I 'm standing at the edge of a cliff. Right below me is a flooded quarry, and Cal is now asking me "you wanna jump?"

I'm hesitant.

I'm having flashbacks of all the waterborne diseases and parasites I was trained to avoid.
The sun is really close to setting, and before long it'll be dark. I'm still dodging Cal's question.

From talking to people about the office, it seems that expectations for our own strategy work through language and nationals are quite low. At least that's the vibe in the office. There have been several "good lucks" with regard to language learning. 

I'd be lying if I said that wasn't discouraging. But I must remember what I was taught:

"Satan wants to defeat you before you can even get started" 

I don't have to let other's stories be mine. I will seek the Father wholeheartedly.

I will give the Thai people my best effort to tell them the good news, whatever that looks like. 
I want to extend to them the same grace that was given to me.

"so you gonna jump?"
I don't give myself a minute more to think. 

I jump.