Wrong Way

Part of my orientation has involved learning to drive on the opposite side of the road, as well as the opposite side of the car. 

This in itself is quite a challenge. It also happens that if there's not any traffic, my brain will default and I'll find myself drifting to the right side of the road. More than once in my neighborhood (my muban) have I started driving only to have completely shocked oncoming traffic. 

I currently make u turns where I shouldn't, turn on my wipers when I want to signal (we call it the American Salute)  and constantly find myself thinking "why does this country have to drive on the wrong side of the road?"
It's there that I try to immediately stop myself.

Are they driving the wrong way, or a different way?

Though I have only been here a few days, it seems to me that Thailand is a mirror of America. 

Thai culture respects age, America values youth
Thais are non-confrontational, America values independent opinion
Thais are Buddhist, America is Christian
Thais are constantly thinking of others, Americans are fiercely independent.

if I carry with me my ethnocentrism, how can I expect to share with the people in a way that speaks to their heart?

I believe my brain just is searching for familiar.

Or maybe I'm just yearning for this place to be familiar quicker. 

I listened to Kirkwoods song "Just Begun" today.

It rings true.