The other day I went to a coffee shop. The sole reason I was going was because there was a baby grand piano that they let their patrons play. It's been a little too long since I've played and there are barely any pianos in Thailand, so I was very eager at the chance to play.

The place was overrun with foreigners. So much English being spoken. It seems that I had picked a day that was an open mic night, and people were all getting up and playing, so it looked like I had a slim chance at the piano.

While I was sitting there just listening though, I heard a guy dropping some very hostile lines about God and Christians.

I really felt the Father telling me that I was to share to him that night.

I spent the entire time building up to that in fear, and in trying to resist the temptation to just leave and not talk to him.

I tried 3 times to open the conversation to spiritual things, I really couldn't get him to budge.

He did let me know he thought all the Christians in Thailand were awful people though.

I walked away with a smile on my face at being able to be obedient, and a frown in my heart that this man couldn't be convinced of Truth.

I know it is because of your prayers that I was able to share. That was not of my own strength.