I was feeling so great. 
My Thai has been getting ever better, and now I was stuck in the city without transportation or a phone.
I confidently knew that I could get a taxi and tell him where I live, what is near it, and which turns to take to get there.

My ride was a decently long one though, as I live on the other side of town. 

I was enjoying the ride, kinda basking in how glad I was that I can semi communicate.

Then my driver did something to catch my eye. 

As we passed by a temple, my driver took both hands off of the wheel and did a deep/worshipful bow at a statue of Buddha. 

I immediately thought "oh wow, this guy more serious about Buddhism than most people I've met" coupled with "I need to find some way to share with him. Or at the very least try.

Knowing how much Thai's love children, I decide to ask him if he has any kids. 

"Oh yes!" He answers. And proceeds to hand me this laminated sheet of paper with pictures on it.

But, the pictures aren't of his kids.
In fact, I'm certain he has handed me a sheet of paper with call girls on it.

I'm floored. 

All I can think of is how many people have ridden in this exact taxi for those purposes? And also, this man just worshiped buddha, and he'd immediately turn around and offer me...this?

This. is. a. lost. culture. 

I stop the taxi a mile before my house.
I walk the rest of the way home, praying and worshipping.