There is a man and my landlord out in my garage. Why are they here?

According to my landlord's semi broken English, she saw that we were trying to jump start our truck (the battery was dead) with no success, so she brought her ex husband to take a look at it.

I don't know this man, and it's hard to extend trust to him when he is in the process of removing my car's battery

I'm trying everything I know to tell him "leave it! it's fine!" I and miming, I'm talking.

He is going right on working.

I start getting upset. In my head I'm seeing myself talk to my boss
"well, a man came and took our battery. No, I don't know who, no I don't know where he took it...no, I don't know why I let it happen."

My voice changes when I speak again. It's lacking a friendly tone, I can't tell if my landlord picks up on that or not.

But I do.

"Thailand is the land of smiles! if you aren't consistently smiling, the Thai's will think you are a hothead"

Even on their very worst day, a you would never be able to tell from how a Thai acts.

This is not how I (or anyone else in America) act!

I swallow my pride, along with my ethnocentrism. I make my attitude take a back seat to humility, and allow this man to work on my car.

And you know what? He fixed it.

and God said, "See?"