"Oh and by the way, they might have....flags."

That's the last minute warning I get before we take our steps into the Thai church.
The service is in full swing, and out of the ~40 people,, 150% of them have flags that they are spinning and waving in time with the music.

I get handed a flag of my own.

We sing songs for a good while. Some I recognize, some I don't. I try my best to pick out words I can recognize, or things to listen for. The maximum I can recognize is when the pastor says the chapter and verse numbers.

I have to take context clues to recognize when we are praying. The service seems to be constantly drifting between speaking and praying.

I can't tell if this is a really charismatic church, or if this is how Thai churches are.
Mainly I can't tell, because I have no idea if they're speaking in tongues, or if they're just praying in Thai.

The pastor is really excited to have some foreigners in the church. The congregation seems excited too.

I sit for the entire service just praying for the people. I figure it's the best thing I can do since I can't understand anything.

After the service everyone eats together.

"So what did you think?" I get asked right after the service.

I can't quite put into words though, how cool it is seeing people serve the Father in another language. 

Flags and all.