The Thai word for understand is one I use a lot. I can ask someone if they understand or if they don't, and I can relay to them if I'm understanding what they're saying or not. It's a wonderful catch all.

Right now I'm currently staring at an answer to a prayer. Or at the very least, it's a door.

I'm at my usual place for dinner, eating one of the 10 things they serve there. Spoiler, it's delicious.

Something catches my eye for the first time in six weeks.

Right on the counter where the woman takes my order is a mug full of sugar packets, and for some reason I never saw it.

On the mug it reads "God Loves You".

When the spirit leads, I will walk up to the counter and instead of ordering, I'm going to hold up the mug and ask her if she understands.

I went to the Father a while ago asking to be shown where He is working.

He keeps showing me that there are place He is working at right in my neighborhood.

He is working in your neighborhood too.

Let us ask for eyes to see and obedience.