I don't necessarily know all the people that are currently going to the Father on my behalf.

I handed out many cards, and told many people about the needs that I have, but I never got a "head count" so to speak.

Whoever they are, if you are reading this right now, let it be known that I am soaring on the wings of some POWERFUL prayers. 

Today I went to a mountain village...and I was able to have some fantastic conversations and make a few friends. 

I wasn't able to breach the subject of the Lamb yet, nor did I feel the Spirit was leading me that way.

I have been asking for prayers in language, and I'm doing very well according to others.
I have been asking for prayers in gaining Thai friends, and the Father is raising up people in my life.

The Lord will move in mighty ways to bring glory too His name.

Your prayers. They matter. I can tell people confidently that I know I am being prayed for. 
and I can tell YOU confidently, that they're being answered.

Thank you.