I'm waiting outside a building that is normally used for our Bible study.

The person picking me up is late, which makes me late.

Late for wedding rehearsal.

My church asked me to play piano in a wedding. A week ago.

They seemed absolutely unfazed by the fact that I don't have a piano or any means of practicing.

Gan, the man who is giving me a ride eventually shows up. All smiles, on his motorcycle.

Before I know it, I've hopped onto the back of a 110cc bike and we're motoring all through the city. Without a helmet on. While my driver talks on the one.

Yet, I'm not worried in the least right now. I'm too awestruck.

The city that has always been on the outside of my car is alive to me right now.

Shops are whizzing by I can catch glimpses of people, eating, walking, singing, driving....

Gan and I are chatting in Thai the whole way there.

This is the city. It's absolutely beautiful.