Today, I had to go renew my visa, which includes me traveling to the Myanmar boarder.
It was a 3.5 hour trip there, 3.5 hour trip back, with shopping being done at the boarder.
Somehow, between the dollar blue ray discs, and the FANTASTIC prices on cigarettes, I got to spend time with one of my coworkers.

Little did she or I know that that would be an amazing confirmation of my presence here.

She told me what was happening here when I was originally applying
I got goosebumps when she told me about it.
How they've needed someone to really engage this media, how they don't know anyone here that does it...how Asia really is a perfect fit for an animator, and how I was even almost passed on, because other people couldn't see how I would fit here.

I was stunned.

The Father has plans for me here. The Father has plans for Thailand long before I got here, and long after I leave.
The Father is working in the US, just as He is working here.

Recently at the village I go to, a young man has sought me out as a friend, presumably to teach him english.

A long term worker here has been telling me he thinks this young man might be a person of peace.

This is exciting news!

God is working all around me. It seems impossible for me pick something that ISN'T where He is at.

With all this excitement and with all the prayer I've done though, the enemy has been on the move a lot more than he has been. Attacking my encouragement, my peace of mind....he's all over!

I ask that you keep me in mind when you go to the Father. I need His strength, and not my own.

I must become less, He must become more.