New Year

Songkran is happening right now. 

Thai's celebrate their new year by going to the main part of the city (the moat) essentially stopping their trucks, and throwing water on everyone and everything. 

It's a lot of fun. 

You'll see these trucks pull up next to each other with barrels of water, and the people in the truck beds will be launching it all over each other. 

It reminds me of naval battles in the 1800s.

For the Thais, the source of the water is the moat. When your barrel is empty, you go refill it in the moat.

Everyone is getting soaked in this really gross water. Yes it's fun, but the water is sickening, and despite what I thought, I eventually did get dry.

I found myself thinking that night, and my thoughts went to John 7. 

Jesus is the source of living water.

Can you imagine a festival where everyone in your town went out, brought traffic to a standstill and would just drench everyone in living water? 

The water would be pure, the barrels would never run empty, and the people would never get dry. 

Please pray with me for the Thais. That they would discover the source of the living water. That they would be ready to receive it with open arms, and as big of a rejoicing as they have to ring in the new year.