The old man hands me a cup of water. 

I can still smell the alcohol, both on him and what was once in the cup he's handing me.

We're sitting outside a different neighborhood, and there's a game going on. It's similar to bocce ball, but it's different enough for me to have no idea exactly how to play.

They ask me many times if I drink, I tell them no. They seem totally unfazed by this. 

The old man eventually grabs my hand and takes me to a nearby store. 

I'm rather certain he wanted me to buy him alcohol. I was really grateful I could just tell them "I don't understand" and that's pretty much the end of it. It's a great survival tip.

As I made my way back to the game area, I really wondered.

What would Jesus do right now?

If Jesus was in my spot right now, what would he do? 

I wish I could say I lifted that up to the Father and He gave me a direct order to go do something.

Instead I sat and talked with everyone. Some drunk, some sober.

Eventually they got me to play, it was a barrel of laughs as I couldn't figure out quite how to throw, or how to strategize. 

I took a big gulp of pride, and instead greeted my humble pie with a smile. 
I don't have the vocabulary to tell them what I want. I don't have the cultural knowledge to know how to ask things.

Right now, I'm just the tall white guy, with hair on his arms who doesn't drink, yet can't manage to beat the drunk guy at bocce ball. 

I think I'm ok with that. I think know that's where God wants me. 

Please pray with me for the Thai people. 

I'm determined that though we are very far apart, we can learn much about prayer together.