Me : "I wish I knew all there is to know about prayer."

God : "You can start learning by praying more."

Me : "...huh..."

I will be honest, this is how a lot of conversations with me and God go. I always shy away from Christian self help books for this very reason.

It just seems kinda strange to be taking cues from someone else...when you could just learn it all from the source if we bother to spend the time with Him. 

I want to know what God is praying for. I want to pray for that as well. 

I suspect one of the driving forces for God is to be glorified.

I think my new prayer will be :

"Lord glorify yourself here. Be so glorified that people around want to know about you, and give words to those that you call to tell them about you."

God really is so cool. Nothing comes even close.