"I've never driven a motorcycle with someone on the back before."

I say this as I am driving my motorcycle with someone on the back. 

On a highway.

"Don't worry about it, just take it slow." 

During the course of our trip, my friend is asking or telling me something in thai. I have absolutely no idea what he's trying to mime to me. Miming while on a motorcycle is difficult.

It's only WAY later that I realize what he was saying.

After scouting the night bazaar looking for people to share with, I return to my bike to find that I have a flat tire.

It is late at night, in Chiang Mai, and I have NO idea where I can get this fixed.

After standing around for a few minutes looking helpless, some Thais start asking me what's up with my bike.

One person starts telling me where to go, only to be cut off by 3 other people speaking various dialects telling me either the same thing or different thing.

Eventually, a map is drawn, and I walk my bike to the store.

"This is an easy fix" I'm told, as the man is literally hammering my wheel for a reason I'm not totally sure about.

As I drive away, I just can't stop being thankful.

I'm thankful for this tire.
I'm thankful for the little thai that I know to navigate to get to the store.
I'm thankful for the place being close.
I'm thankful for being in Thailand. I really am.