I went for a walk today.

It started just as a way of decompressing everything that has happened with my injury...and my work here. All sorts of things.

But relatively quickly, I started thinking about all the people that I was in training with.

All those people that are now around the world.

The immensity of the work. The harvest really is great.

I wonder how the families are doing. I wonder how the people who trained us are doing.

I've been seeing first hand what kind of things can happen, not that everyone out there is falling through a roof.

There's still a feeling of this being temporary for me. Perhaps because I am only going to be here for two years give or take.

The people who signed up for life, maybe it's only starting to sink in how big a commitment that is.

And even when my time here is done, there will be people who have been working in my country since before I was born, and will continue to do so.

The work will remain.

Thank you very much for your prayers.

Please pray for the Thai people. Please pray for the all of the workers out in the field.