"We're trying to fix the truck!"
I'm sitting with my Thai friend, I only get to see him once a week, and this week, he and his father are working on their truck. (their livelihood)

His little brother calls me over and as I sit down, he starts showing me all of their idols and gods.

He's telling me that the flower he's putting in my hand is for good luck. I should go buy a lottery ticket, or ask out a girl.

I ask about the one he's wearing.

"It protects against spirits." He jokingly makes a scary face.

Later I'm talking to my friend, and bring up the gods.

I mention that I obey Jesus, and that He protects us from spirits.

My smile is wiped away when he tells me that the spirits here don't know Jesus. That Jesus can only protect against American ghosts. 

I then tell him that the spirits here do know His name. And that they are scared of Him. Really.

A drunken man comes and disturbs our conversation, and by that time it's time for me to go.

As I'm driving, I throw the lucky flower out the window.  

I don't want that thing near my house