Comings and Goings

I am well aware that is has been too long since anything has been sent out, or anything has been posted.   Some of my silence was because I was actually headed home to surprise my family for my brother's wedding, and didn't want to give anything away! 

But even before that I went on a vacation to hang out with my friends from training. 

It has all been hectic, encouraging, challenging, enlightening, wonderful and jet laggy. 

I'm finally back on schedule here.

Part of my schedule includes meeting with a new friend.

I commissioned two paintings from an artist here, and in the process of describing what I wanted, we somehow just got on the subject of art, and it was almost a done deal. We have talked for hours and hours, long after he had sold me stuff. 

This isn't a man who is after my money. 

We talked a lot about art, and painting and what have you..and he wished me luck in America, but he told me to come see him again when I got back.

Well, I got back, and I went and saw him.

One of the first things he (Khun Nop) did was show me a flyer for an art show next week that he wants us to go to.

The location? 
A local church.

Ok God, I see you working...what's next?

Thank you so much for your prayers.