There is a really old Thai word for a really really bad person.


which roughly translates to "thief (or steal) 500 baht" ($15)

Now, the word used for a poor person in english means "wants to steal"

These two things came to mind as I watched a man in tattered jeans turn to fall asleep on a bench in the city. 

I sat there for a minute, I tried to say a few things but if traffic wasn't waking this man up, then my pitiful Thai wouldn't do so either.

So I left. I turned and left. 

As I was driving away, I was immediately plagued with doubt. Like I should have done something.

I could only think of how many times Jesus SAW where the Holy Spirit was working, and acted upon that. Could I be catching just a glimpse of this?

I couldn't stop thinking about the 500 baht that I had in my wallet.

I wheeled my bike around and went to where back to where the man was sleeping, and I prayed. 

I asked God for even a little bit of a sign, if I'm supposed to do something. 

The man stirred.

I told God that I need something more. I felt greedy.

The man woke up and looked me in the eye. 

I started talking to him, as best as I could. I asked him if he knew about Jesus, I asked him his name, and where he comes from.  

He knew Jesus or at least OF Jesus, and he kept motioning to his heart. But he was using words I didn't know, And I could tell that this conversation would be a very limited one.

I pulled out  500 baht, and while giving it to him I told or reminded or proclaimed that I obey Jesus, the most high God. I believe that He loves you. And I believe that I am to give this to you.

He waied and, but said "Thank you Jesus." 

I need to start carrying tracts. 

Thanks for praying.