I've been trying to be much bolder and upfront about talking about Jesus, and engaging in spiritual conversations in general.

This is mainly due to a recent death of a worker at my compound, who died and I don't know if he ever heard the good news. 

Right now though, I'm doing the equivalent of saying "be warm and filled." 

I buy someone some food...I can tell them God loves them...aaand that's just about it. 

Tonight out at the market as sat down next to a fortune teller. 

I was brimming with questions that I just couldn't ask. 

I didn't have the words. 

Things got even more interesting when this fortune teller shows me what she's reading. 

The Bible. 

She begins to tell me how she's a Christian and how other Christians don't like when she does fortune telling.

Where do I even begin? What can I do? What can I say? 

The best I could do was find an area of scripture for her to read.  (Acts 16)

I left confused. 

I'm still confused.

What could I have done to glorify God? 

Thanks for your prayers.