With a renewed fervor for teaching, I went out to village yesterday.

I had with me a kids book about the good Samaritan.

God has been slowly revealing to me what it means for these people to not know Him.

Little by little, it's turning my fear and cowardice into a desire to teach, and a love for the people. 

(Praise God.)

We walked through this illustrated book about the good Samaritan in Thai and English.

After reading it, I asked Ring, "So, who is your neighbor?"

"The Samaritan Man." He responded.

While technically correct, I wanted to widen the gaze a little beyond the story. 

Because Jesus isn't telling us to just love the people next door to us.

I told Ring I was his neighbor, and he was mine, even though we don't live near each other. 

His friends are his neighbors, and so on. 

He realized what I was getting at, and proceeded to call everyone else at the table a neighbor. 

"Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, so who is your neighbor?" I asked again.


Please continue to pray for God's work in Ring's life.