It was just around this time last year that I was arriving at my training for my time here in Thailand.

My experience here has been nothing short of astounding, and the work, nothing short of sobering.

It's very comparable to language learning.

Each time I think I've hit a milestone in communicating, then I'm asked to translate a word, and I have absolutely no clue.

It's then that I start getting an idea for just how large the iceberg is.

When I start considering the lostness of this place, and how small I am..

Well, I'm thankful God is bigger.

It becomes easier to see how people can give their lives for overseas work. The task is so huge.

My one year has been a drop in the bucket, and I can't believe how fast it has gone.

This song keeps becoming more and more true.

Please pray for Thailand! The people here still need Jesus!