My church was singing a song last Sunday.

The only words I could make out were "bless Thailand" 

I asked my pastor what it was, and he told me it was like "God bless America" but for Thailand.

Intrigued, I found the music and started trying to learn how to sing it. 

As I was fumbling through the words, and getting some help from my Thai teacher, it began to dawn on me how powerful this song was. 

The literal translation of the song words it like a prayer. 

"This is the prayer of everyone, this is what every heart is desiring /
That the Holy Spirit would start a miracle in our hearts / 
That the eyes of every heart would be opened.

Please bless Thailand, so that Thai people may have hope"

To hear my church singing this song, praying for their people to have hope, praying for all of Thailand to have their hearts opened.. it was something else.

To realize that they know their country is lost, and to be praying for it.
Outside of Christ there is no hope, they want the hearts of Thailand to be open, so they can receive that hope. 

And then to realize that my being here, in even a small way is to help answer that prayer. 

Please pray for Thailand.

They certainly are.