I'm essentially watching as our national believer is witnessing to a guy I've been friends with for awhile.
I'm catching words here and there, I'm able to follow along as best I can, but that's about it.

So I pray.

He starts telling us that two weeks ago when we taught about Adam and Eve, he started praying to God.

It makes him feel good. It makes him feel at peace to pray. 

He knows a lot about other religions though, and so he keeps asking some rather off the wall questions.

I watch as he asks "why is it I can go to the temple and see Buddha, but I cannot see God?"

He wants to draw a picture of God. 

In fact, he's very adamant about that. 

After all of his questions, we come back to "how much of this do you believe"


His answer is direct and immediate. 

If he really is praying to God, I wonder if we won't see that number increase sooner rather than later.

Please pray for Ring.