I needed food. All the places around me were closed, and I needed something.

I went to eat at a burger joint in the city.

I paid too much.

After eating I decided I would go hang out and kinda have my quiet time in the city. 

I had just started journaling when a guy came buy and was doing this little trick with bottles.

I start complimenting him in Thai, and he quickly tells me he's deaf. 

I start signing what little I know, and he immediately welcomes me over with his friend who he's sitting with. 

we talked for hours. 

My brain was on fire. I was trying to remember signs, while speaking thai to a man who was translating my thai, and ASL into Thai Hand Language. 

More than once I turned to the thai man and started speaking english only to be met with a blank stare. 

I was totally forgetting what languages I was "speaking" 

somewhere in it all, I brought up Jesus.

The deaf man proudly showed me his idol around his neck, while showing me the sign for Buddhist.

The man helping translate began telling me he is Buddhist too, but he goes to church on sundays because they teach him Sign Language.

At the end of the night, all I can see is that they think I'm a good person. 

Not necessarily that they think God is good. But they think I am good.

Is this feeding His sheep? 
Is this caring for His lambs?
It certainly doesn't feel like it.

If anyone is to ever be reached through me, behind them you will not find me boasting.