I'm at a birthday party. 

I don't know who for. 

In fact I've spent most of the party sitting in silence.

Weighing options, or perhaps just listening. 

When I was first invited my mind foolishly thought of parties in the states.

Southeast Asia has different style parties.

By the time I arrive everyone is already drunk, and my mind is already working overtime. 

Most of my energy is being expended into trying to understand language

What isn't being used for that is busy with wondering what  what I should be doing right now. 

Should I be trying to bring up Jesus with a bunch of drunk people? 
 Do I even have the vocabulary? 
What would glorify Him most right now? 

The thing about pondering is, the more you wonder, the less you feel you've accomplished. 

They turn up the music yet again.

I leave, I'm starting to get a headache. 

The questions remain. 

Please pray for Southeast Asia.