I can hear God as I'm praying. 

"Tell me this. Promise me you'll do this."

I've been dancing around it all prayer. 

"…And Lord, if I go out tonight, I will talk to anyone in whatever way about Christ."

Boom. It was done. I said it. 

No take backs.

In the back of my head I hear myself say "well, maybe nothing will happen."

yeah, right. 

I go out for a fairly uneventful evening. I eat dinner, I chat with some Thai people…nothing really happens spiritually.

And then it just so happened I wasn't full after dinner, and there was a stand nearby selling Turkish Pizza.

I stop buy to talk and see what it is.

The woman offers me a discount because I speak Thai so good. 

I begin chatting with the owner for a bit, just really normal stuff

and then…this one Chinese woman came and handed him a Watchtower. 

That started a religious conversation like none other. 

I'd love to say I said all the right words, or at least all the things that sound like I said the right words.

But he dominated the conversation. 

Here I am, in Thailand, chatting about Jesus with a Turkish man, who's telling me everything in the Bible was wrong. (Seriously though, he was a super nice guy) 

I wasn't prepared and all I could do was bring up what the Bible says, and all he would do is tell me that the Quran said that that was incorrect. (in a very nice way)

As I'm leaving he bids me farewell with "hope to see you in paradise" 

He took the words right out of my mouth.

God, did I do it right?