I didn't want to go to village this week. 

Or the week before that.

...Or the week before that. 

It's been very difficult for me to go, I've been battling feelings of worthlessness and frustration with regard to the work that's going on out there.

I would tell others lines such as "well, I'm still trying to see where God wants me."

Even though I had made up my mind that I was going to go somewhere else.

Somewhere closer.
Somewhere I could go more regularly.


Truth be told I had been trying to find a new ministry for a few months. 

I simply though could not shake the barely audible whisper of God.

"You need to go again this week." 

At village, most of the time I sit and listen to our Thai believer teach. 
I answer questions when I'm asked, I give prayer requests, and praise God for things during the week. 

The one thing I "do" has been sing. 

I know all of one Thai song, and they've made me sing it every single week. 

It got to the point where I thought they just made me do it so that they could feel like they were including me. 

But today at village, all of my frustrations melted away. 

As I was singing this time, some of them started singing along. 

God turned the light on. 

God revealed to me how once again my pride had turned even this Bible study to be about me.

God revealed how these kids really didn't know many songs.

God placed in me a desire to teach these kids songs of praise.

So that they can worship God in their language. 

So that I can get out of the way. 

My pride still leads me to think that I need to bring God out TO them. 

God is working in Thailand. 

He was working before I came.

He'll continue to work after I'm gone. 

I need not seek for the convenient place to serve. 

I need seek for where God is working, and choose to follow Him there. 

God is working here.

Where is God working in your life?

Please pray for God to continue to draw out the hearts of the Thai people. 
Please pray for God to continue to draw out the hearts of your neighbors.