The Gap

I receive a phone call late on Wednesday. Our partner at village, the lone Christian house, her husband has passed away unexpectedly.  In the proceeding whirlwind of phone calls, funeral plans and figuring out how we can help, I very clearly hear God quietly nudging. 

"Every chance you get, you will go out to her house to help."

I know now that whatever is going on, I will be out at village more than the office. Her being a relatively new Christian Sister in Christ, we want to do everything we can to help serve here and continue to show the love of Christ. It's time to put our money where our mouth is. 
How will we show our differences to non believers?
For the next three days, we are delivering flowers, eating, praying, worshipping, helping and just having an overall presence at her house. She's glad to see us, glad to sing with us, glad to eat with us. I tell her I have been praying that she would have comfort, as promised in Matthew 5:4. She tells me she has it already. I'm glad that God is already steps ahead of me, and can care for others better than I ever will be able to. 

Her husband's family is calling monks in, bringing in the village to help mourn, building a spirit house for his next life, burning incense. And right next to it all, we're hosting a bible study about how Jesus has beaten death already. Afterwards people want to ask us why we're here. We say so we can worship with our friend. They politely tell us that all religions are good.
My heart gets heavier and heavier for them. 
We are constantly in prayer. 

The day of the funeral we are walking the casket to the funeral pyre.
Awful Thai music is blaring.        
 Fireworks are going off to scare away spirits.
 People are already drunk.

And God places a song in my heart. 
He places a battle cry in my heart.
And I can't help but sing:

"Let hope rise
And darkness tremble
In Your holy light
That every eye would see
Jesus our God
Great and mighty to be praised"

And in the midst of a ceremony of a captive people,
In a stronghold of evil,
Jesus is proclaimed.
The darkness shakes. 

Please pray for the battle at Mae Waang (village) 

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