The Beginning

God has confirmed multiple times in the past few months as to how I'm to go about sharing with some of my friends. My friends are artists, and God wants me to go tell them bible stories, and then order paintings from them, depicting what they think the stories show. 

After finally learning how to tell the Creation story, I work up the courage to go share it one night.

My best friend (my audience!) in fact isn't there. 

Who's in his place tonight is a very cross Thai man telling me in no uncertain terms that he believes in "the system of the fact." he wants to know why missionaries always think they're better than everyone else. 

It's some of the best English I've heard in Thailand.

I hadn't even brought up anything religious. 

This resistance is confirmation that God is in fact going to do great things.

 I leave discouraged and encouraged.

The next day I head out again, confident that I'm going to share this story. 

Tonight for a change, everyone in the market is super busy drawing. No one has time to talk. 

I'm nervous.

 I'm scared. 

I pray for an opening; I pray for more confirmation.

I receive it.

"Joel do you have any new ideas for me to paint?"

Our God truly is the One who answers.

I tell the story of Creation.

"Before the world was made, there was God…"

This is the beginning. 

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