Without an Answer

I'm sitting in a small room at a church, talking with two guys wearing name tags.

They're Latter Day Saints. 

Earlier in the week I had felt a tremendous burden for them when I met them at a mall.

"Tell them our scriptures don't come together / get along" was the only word I heard. 

And so this has led to our meeting today. 

My goal was to share the gospel. 

It was my folly to think that Mormon missionaries wouldn't be sent on the field unequipped.

 Try as I might, there were more than a few times where I was speechless with what to say next. 

With regard to questions about baptism, works, sin, Jesus.. vs. what the Mormon church teaches

They were in turn asking me things that I was in no way ready for, despite my best efforts of preparation. 

After an hour of chatting, we parted ways, neither one conceding an inch.

It's not an inch I was looking for.

 I wasn't even looking for a conversion.

 I was looking to be obedient to what I believe God put on my heart.

So why did I feel beat up?

I come asking the Father

Were You honored? 
Were You proclaimed?
What about the answers I lacked?

"My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in your weakness"
Praise be to God.

I lay my conversations, and these men at the feet of God.

 They were never mine.

Lord have mercy on them. 

Lord have mercy on me. 

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Danderson said...

I similarly sat in a room with the Latter's, and they knew, oh how they knew, what we believed and the bridges to get where they believed, as well as the various ways to defend what I'd say because they had much more experience with talking with Christians than I did with mormons. We met a few times, but both unconvinced of the other's belief. But I naïvely went into this to convince them of truth or shed light on their silly belief, but remember it wasn't one person who had to convince me, I was told and retold the story of Jesus and once I finally recognised that I need him, that's when I began being changed, or made new. To this day it continues to shape and challenge me, but in no way do I think what I (or you) shared was left void (Isaiah 55.11), but recognise my motivations weren't perfect, though my intentions were a desire to see them as brothers. You encourage me, my friend. Thanks for sharing. You are talented and gifted, and it's great to hear of your obedience into the unknown and unanswered whys.