Hard Ground

I'm talking to maybe the smartest Thai person I have ever met.

He's trilingual, and speaks Chinese and English fluently, despite never being to either country. 

He's incredibly friendly, and incredibly talkative. 

And He's a Buddhist.

"The Thai people here, they say they are Buddhist, but they don't actually know what they believe."

Immediately I am in one of the deepest spiritual conversations I've had with a Thai person. 

I get a lecture on Buddhism, and the philosophy behind it. 

"..but all religions tell the same thing. Do good, and think good." he reassures me.

I begin to bring up how Christianity is different, but he holds up his hand.

"I studied at a Christian college. I know about Jesus."

For the next 15 minutes I find myself at a loss

I ask him about truth, and if he believes it to be absolute. 

He dodges the question time and time again, without even realizing it. 

Eventually our conversation comes to a stopping point.

And I'm repeating Corinthians over and over in my head
"Christ is folly to the Gentile and a stumbling block to the Jews.

As we're walking away, my friend comments on how hard the ground is here.

How many times we brought up a contradiction in his belief and he refused to acknowledge it.
and I find myself asking God 

Why are You not having mercy on these people?

Why do You not bring them out of their darkness?

It is not my words that will draw people, but Yours.

"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him" 

Do I trust that this hard ground is going to be used to glorify God? 

My prayers still remain. 
God, please have mercy on these people, as You have had mercy on me.

Thanks for praying. 

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