What Mercy Looks Like

"Every year, millions of people will come to climb these stairs."

I'm at a Hindu temple in Malaysia.

My friend continues explaining

"They will have made sacrifices for 90 days prior, and on the final day, they will climb up these stairs carrying a chariot, and depending on how desperate they are, they will have made multiple piercings in their flesh"

His smile widens when he tells me that he's not nearly as devout. 

I ask why they do this

He explains that many of these people are in a bad situation, and they are seeking mercy from their god. 

Then he takes me to a Chinese temple, that has a shrine to the Chinese god of mercy. 

I witness person after person come and pay money, burn incense, and buy idols, all in the hopes of receiving mercy. 

And I just can't believe what I see.

It's such a...human idea. Give something to get something. 

To see them expecting gods to behave the same as we do is just...saddening.

I want to tell these people, the sacrifice is done
and it wasn't because we were good.
but because He is good.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Not when we were finally good enough,
 not after we acknowledged Him as God,
and not when we did something to warrant a favor. 

That is mercy I believe in. 
and I'm ever more joyful that His mercy is greater than human mercy

Thank you for praying.

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