The Martian, and Castaway are movies about men stranded, trying to survive and return to their home.

The interesting thing is that (spoilers, I guess) when both of them have returned home, there is at least one moment when they find something or do something that makes them reminisce...dare I say, miss? their time of desolation.

Mark Watley sees a little sprout growing

Chuck Noland plays with a flashlight and sleeps on the ground.

Both of these things brought some form of comfort, some form of nostalgia, or normalcy.

And interestingly they found these comforts from a place that had effectively separated them from what they wanted in the most extreme and physical way possible.

While they were trying so hard to get back to their homeland, they didn't stop to realize that life was happening. Like it or not, Mars or the island had infiltrated them and had become home to them. Ever so minutely.

Perhaps wrongly I find some affinity with these characters when I watch these movies

I only have two days left in Thailand. The countdown to my return is imminent.
 I have been through countless trials of varying degrees.

I fell through a roof.
I was separated by language and culture
I was in car and motorcycle accidents
I was away from friends and family
I moved to a different house
I had to pay bills in a different language
I had to get the services set up to even begin paying bills
I had to figure out how to eat
I had to deal with sickness
I fought spiritual battles

And yet, even now, still in the country, I can only look at my time here with great fondness and joy.

Making new friends
Understanding God's Will
Conquering language
Gaining a desire to serve like Jesus
Broadening and tuning my personal world view 
Better becoming a disciple of Christ
and the list goes on...

I will say it until I'm blue in the face  : Growth isn't enjoyable to experience, but to reflect upon. 

God has stretched and pulled me and asked of me much more than I could have even thought.

All in efforts to bring me closer to Him, and to call me to obedience.

He could have done this anywhere, but He did it in Thailand. 

My journey doesn't end here, but rather my time in this location does.

Perhaps God will call me back here, or perhaps this was all to help train me to better serve the people of my own culture. 

But by His grace, I am ready 

Thank you for your prayers

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