I'm in my final days of being "employed" as a missionary.

The paychecks will stop, but the responsibility will not.

I have less than 7 days left in my current job, and I have about 2 weeks left in my country.

The number one question I'm asked on a regular basis is "what are you doing when you go back?"

Rather ironic, because it's the last place my head is.

Back? Back where? Back in America? What's America?

I'm still here, fighting to be present and serve in a country that has in so many ways become my home.

The language that once seemed so alien is remarkably comforting to hear.

The culture that once drained me energizes me.

People that I could once only ask where they were from are now close friends.

I look at my church community, I look at my fellow servants.

I love it here.

I keep looking for...meaning, or some way that I can summarize my time here.

Some way that I can wrap it all up, and put a nice bow on it.

For myself

For you

And it hasn't come to me yet, and maybe it never will.

And perhaps it doesn't have to.

After all, if you've been reading my (sparse) posts for these past three years, you yourself have been on a journey as well. Could you summarize or tell me the "meaning" of your last three years?

My time hasn't been more or less special than yours because of my location.

I'm not who I was three years ago, I'm not who I was yesterday.

And I can't say I'm that interested in who I was, except in relation to who God has grown me to be.

Right here, right now.

The Bible tells us that tomorrow isn't certain.
Yesterday has already passed.
What we know is we have today.
How will we obey?

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