a few months ago many of my friends finished up their term.
We had a blast working together and sharing life.
On our final evening we were out cruising through our city and I had an absolute out of body experience with regard to what big change in our lives was about to come the very next day.

I wrote it in my journal and then wrote a song out of it.
It has been in my head a lot, easily because I have a big chance happening literally tomorrow,
and I thought I would share it with you.

It is a poor recording, but bear with it for now

music is blaring the windows are down
we cruise through this city our city our town
we try to remember so we don't forget
yearning for memories we haven't made yet

for tomorrow life ends
and tomorrow life begins

holding on to the last glimpse of light
denying ourselves that day has turned to night
now awake is the only thing that we must keep
because time only passes of we dare to sleep

for tomorrow I leave home
and tomorrow I come home

we're lights in the darkness 'till the Son arrives
but take heart cause demons fly slower than we ever drive
and the wind will scatter us all in a breath
adding to our lives just one more death

now uncertainty certainly calling my name
and the time in the past is all that remains
I won't blink even once
and hope to freeze the frame

for tomorrow never comes
and tomorrow has come 

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